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Frequently asked questions


What methods of payment do you offer?


When can I come pick them up myself to save on the delivery fee?


How much is delivery?


Do you offer shipping?


Can I come see them first before booking?


Do you have square or glass chargers for rent?


How do you describe your chargers?


What are the measurements, and how many fit on the table?


Are there any other fees involved?


I have seen some chargers on sale, why should I still rent instead of buying them?


Do you offer any discounts?




Some people decide to buy them, but then they need to figure out what to do with their mountain of chargers sitting at home (probably new place) taking space stressing you out (along with a bunch of other leftovers and presents). You can resale them, but by the time you find a buyer and get some money back, you still end up paying about $1 out of your pocket for each charger. After the long planning and stress of putting together a wedding, reselling used or left over items can make your wedding the most burdensome event of your life. Make it easy and memorable.

A wedding is a very expensive event, so the money you can save here and there counts so you can afford other things.

Also, chargers get do get dirty (food spills, butter, etc) and need to be hand washed and cloth dried right away. That is not something you want to be doing after your wedding. We take care of that.

Usually chargers are sold in boxes of 4, so you will have dozens of boxes sitting around and very cumbersome to carry and you’ll probably have to drive around different stores to gather all of the ones you need. Our chargers are stored in easy to carry and stackable plastic boxes in counts of 35.

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