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The diameter is 13 inches. An average dinner plate is about 11 inches in diameter.

Since chargers are much bigger than dinner plates and take up more space on the table, then the place setting count should be adjusted and some customary items may need to be removed from place setting to make a more comfortable dinning experience.

For example the coffee cups are not used until the desert/cake is served. So you may specially request that cups be brought out until then. Also there is usually 3 different wine glasses placed; water, drink and wine. Maybe one of them can be omitted and combine the use of the second one. The same should be done with some extra silverware. See place settings diagram below.

Most venues place 10 settings on a 60” round table, so it is recommended that when using chargers 8 place setting be done instead. Also a 72” round table that usually places 12 guests should be reduced to 10 instead.

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